Backbone provides us just a minimal abstraction layer and it does quite well. It is also a ridiculously small framework. So when you encounter a "tough case", you don't need to struggle across stackoverflow and numerous documentation sources. Instead you can quickly look through annotated source, find the author's intend and come up with most fitting solution. However comparing to the other popular frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, with Backbone it feels like we stuck in the Middle Ages. We have no data binding, no clean way to handle subviews, working with forms can be a headache and so on.

I don't know about you, but what I've been missing was a few modules on top of Backbone, that would unlock me on true modern development experience. Without much extra code, super easy to learn, but drastically reducing the amount of code required to solve a task. Is it even possible? I believe one gets it with ngBackbone

So, do you fancy upgrading Backbone to next-gen? Then we start up a little journey into world of ngBackbone

ngBackbone in action

Target Audience

In order to understand this book, you need an experience with Backbone and to know the basics of TypeScript. If you haven't started with TypeScript yet, I would recommend TypeScript Handbook or TypeScript Deep Dive books


I would like to thank Jeremy Ashkenas and all the contributes to the Backbone project. Special thanks to Paul Miller and the team for their fantastic work on Exoskeleton - faster and leaner version of Backbone that I happily use for years.


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